Tell me we're dead & I'll love you even more.

The Great Pyramids of Giza, as you’ve never seen them before — at the edge of a sprawling metropolis and the vast desert.

kiss me kiss me cover my body in loveby Tracey Emin

A protester blows marijuana smoke against the face of a police officer during a march to mark the 1968 Tlatelolco plaza ‘massacre’ in Mexico City
We talked death with burned-up intensity, both of us drawn to it like moths to an electric lightbulb, sucking on it.
-Anne Sexton on talking with Sylvia Plath (via elegantorange)

Images For Book Covers aka Stephen Carroll FotoFiction - Water To Water, 2010      Photography

A horizontal skull fracture. The subject smacked their head against a tree as their vehicle slide to a stop against it.
For those of you who have always wondered what the inside of your skull looks like without a brain in it, now you know. The cranial fossa is actually quite interesting to examine.

“Initiative comes to thems that wait.”
A Clockwork Orange (1971) dir. Stanley Kubrick

psychic licks
You were never mine
to let go
so I haven’t.